Evolve in other languages


Does Evolve have a learner interface other than English? We have a client that likes the Evolve user environment but would need it in French. Thanks for the help.


Hi there,

I’m afraid not - but there is a workaround I have seen used…

While using any chrome-based browser, right-click and choose Translate… a small box will appear


From the 3-dot Kebab menu choose Choose another language…


Then choose French.
It’s a workaround but it will allow someone to get the idea more than in their non-dominant language. Once you have done it once it will be even faster as you can right-click and then just choose “Translate to Francais”.

You can also set language preferences so that Google will always offer to translate pages into French…

There may even be other Browser Plugins available which could make a permanent change based on the URL (xxxxxxx.evovleauthoring.com).


I just had a quick browse and looks like you do it even easier by using https://MYINSTANCENAME-evolveauthoring-com.translate.goog/login?redirectTo=/&_x_tr_sl=en&_x_tr_tl=fr&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

or just go to https://translate.google.com/?sl=en&tl=fr&op=websites and then enter your Evolve instance url in the box and off you go.

This will then be a whole site change so if you click into different areas such as themes or Assets it will persist.