Empty alt text assumed null?

Hi all - Just wondering if Evolve creates a null (“”) entry by default for empty alt text fields on images?

Hi Mitch, I’ve just tested this for you and checked how it works with JAWS, NVDA and Windows Narrator.

If you leave the Image Alt Text blank, Evolve adds the ALT attribute like so:

When testing using JAWS, NVDA and Windows Narrator, on all occasions the image is completely skipped by the screenreader and no information about the image, such as the filename or height and width etc, are read out.

If this image is for decorative purposes only, this would be a good thing (in my opinion).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Barry. That’s helpful.

Is an alt tag like that OK though? It seems like WCAG is clear that the null attribute has to be assigned.

Hi both, if you leave the alt tag field blank, a null attribute is automatically set by Evolve.


I wondered the same, but as the screen readers do what I expect them to do, it works well.

And @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA has confirmed what Evolve is doing.

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Thanks @BarryBPS and @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA for your help.

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