Download an audio file

Hi, is there a way to offer a user a download of an audio file? The audio file needs to be contained as a course resource/asset, not as a link to an external server.

I’ve looked at:

  • Resources - it won’t allow audio
  • Links component - it cannot point to an asset

Any advice is much appreciated.

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Hey Andy!

If you upload the file using the Audio component, the user should be able to right click on the audio player and choose “Save Audio as…” (or browser/computer equivalent). So you could instruct them to do this on the page?

I have only tested it on Chrome on Mac, but give it a go on your setup and see what you think?

If you want to force a download then zipping up the file is always the best option. Linking directly to a file may cause it to be opened in the learner’s browser, depending on the browser & how it’s configured.