Different checkbox styles for MCQs

Hi there, I’m recreating a theme created by someone else. They have two MCQs in the same article style, one has multiple correct answers and the other has a single correct answer. The checkboxes are styled differently with the multiple correct answers being square and the other being circles.

The theme i’m currently working in uses the same icon set and has the same settings in the “Components > MCQ” section of the theme. The “Custome prefix” option is disabled so I don’t think its that. This appears to be a theme control and not automatic, any ideas how this has been done?

Hi @LaurynS I might be misreading/misunderstanding your post but I don’t think you’ve actually stated what the problem is…?

the main thing is to check these settings in your theme

That said I have just found a weird bug where if you have the Checkbox Icon and and Radio Icon set to use the same icon, no icon will display for an MCQ option that has Behavior > Selectable Items set to 1. Will sort this out next week.

Sorry - the issue here is I’ve found two MCQs in the same article style with different checkbox icon styles. The only difference I can find between the two is the number of correct answers.

I’m wondering how I can copy this and have two MCQs with different checkbox styles to differentiate a MCQ with 1 correct answer and one with multiple correct answers.

Well the normal way to do this is to use the settings in Theme > Components > MQ where Checkbox Icon/Checked Checkbox Icon defines what’s used for MCQs with multiple correct answers and Radio Icon/Selected Radio Icon defines what’s used for MCQs with 1 correct answer.