Change feedback icons


I’m trying to change the correct feedback icon (from tick to a star) but can’t seem to find the settings for this. I tried the Notification Dialog settings in Appearance and checked out all the tabs. Is this possible and where can I find this setting?

Is it also possible to not have an icon and replace it with just an image instead?

Thank you!


The only way to change the actual icons is by uploading a custom icon set in the asset library and then by selecting it in your theme.
If you go to Assets / Manage Icons / Upload Icons there is a downloadable default set with instructions.
The colours can be amended and are in Notification Dialog in your theme.

You can add images as well, in each individual feedback for the items or in the feedback for the component. But you can’t remove the icon.

@riallara - I think you can change the checkmark icon to a star icon the following way:
Appearance > Components > MCQ > Correct Icon - you can change this to a star. See image for reference.


Thank you so much for your responses! Much appreciated.

@agorgon Would this only change the icon that’s in the multiple choice option? I’m looking to change the icon that goes on the notification dialog popup after you submit an answer.

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