Remove tick icon from Open Input feedback


As far as I can tell, there is no way to properly remove the tick icon from the feedback of an Open Input. Elsewhere on this forum someone had the idea of reducing the icon size to zero, but that then leaves a big space in place of the icon.

I’m not sure why this icon is there at all - what is being ticked? We don’t know if the user answered correctly - we don’t even know if the user was actually being asked a question with a right/wrong answer. I think it should be removed altogether from this component.


Hi Davey, I’m commenting here to follow the topic. I know I’ve had this issue before, but I cannot remember how we dealt with it.

I also don’t think a tick is required for this component.

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Hi @daveyboond and @BarryBPS - I agree, there should be the option to disable. I have raised this as a ticket with the developers.