Default icon set is no longer available on Icomoon

I am following the Download guide for making custom icons. I am on the Icomoon app, however the old default set is no longer on it. Can we use any of the other sets to replace the old default set? The other sets don’t have the same number of icons as the old default set. How do we upload custom icons now?

AH - Welcome and thank you for reporting this riallara - we’ll get someone to look at this.


Hi again - at what point in the process is it falling down? Have you imported the default.svg from the zip file as per the instructions? The process seems to go well for me.


I’m so embarassed… yes, I missed that step with the SVG file. facepalm!

Thank you so much for pointing this out!

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Not to worry! And it has prompted us to make a page for the instructions of this rather than a downloadable file so people can follow the steps easier, so thank you!