Customizing menu

I would like to change spacing between the 4 menu items on a box menu. Any ideas as to where I should be able to adjust this?

Thank you.

Hello @Agnieszka_Gorgon

In your theme (under Appearance) navigate to the menu section > Layout & Item Layout. You can make adjustments using max-width, margin and padding.

Hello @Matt_C,

Adjusting margins and padding in Menu settings hasn’t made the changes I was expecting.

Here are the current padding and margin values:

Margin is already at 0px.

Adjusting padding doesn’t affect the spacing between menu items, rather removes padding inside the item.

Here’s what I heard back from Support in regards to this:

I have checked with a developer on this. The gap between box menu items cannot currently be adjusted i’m afraid.

Could you confirm whether this should be possible?

Thank you.

Did anyone find a solution to this? I am having the same problem.

Another problem I’m having is when you have three box menu items per row, the entire row isn’t centered to the page.