Box Menu Header - Center-align and opacity

Hi everyone, does anyone know if it’s possible to center-align the Header that is found on the Box Menu? In the Theme > Menu > Header Appearance > Header Layout, I’ve changed the Header Max Width to 1044 px and it flushes left. See image for reference.

Also, does anyone know if it’s possible to adjust opacity of the Header background?

Hey Emily!

Yes this is a complex one so here you go:

You want the Max Width and the Content Max Width to be the same, and then add a Header Margin.

Set the top and bottom to be 0, or whatever you want, then set the Left and Right to Auto (from pixels) and it will automatically centre for you.

Let me know if this doesn’t do what you need.

Voila! That is the ticket! It worked. @hbailey - do you know if it’s possible to change the opacity on the header so that we can see through the header a bit?

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Oh yes!!! I got so excited telling you about part 1 I forgot to go on to part 2!!

You will have to use one of the Color picker colors and not from the Default palette of the theme.

Choose your colour, then in the A setting (Alpha) change that to the opacity level you want, so 40 will give you 40% opaque etc. Then tweak to your liking.


Amazing, so simple, haha!!! Thank you, that worked perfectly. :grinning:

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