Box Menu Colours - container background colours

Hi - I’m trying to change the colour of the container that surrounds all the box menu items. I can change the main page colour but not the container of the menu items. Currently my menu has one huge bg page colour. But I’d like it to be kind of a white bg on a coloured page if that makes sense. I can change this on my pages but not the menu (I can’t find the setting… if there is one.)


Hi MrBrown - Can you drop a quick screenshot of your page that shows the area you mean? I can change a lot of my colours in the box menu, but I have never seen a container around the menu items in my theme… For example…

This is just a graphic of what I’m after
Thanks in advance…

I can change it with the CHrome Developer toolbar… so I can see the element exists… just wondering if the tool can change it too? Thank you.


Yes I was able to change it in devtools also, and I have found where I think in the tool it should change but it does not seem to affect it. I will make some enquiries and post back. This is what I was able to get using the tool then the chrome devtool for that one setting…

Thank you… yes I did the same… I tried to change the colour to white in the tool, but it doesn’t affect it.

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Will get back to you asap if we can find a solution.

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Hello again!

This will need further investigation in order to make affecting it within the tool possible.

I was able to achieve the following with the use of borders around the menu items - I know it’s not quite what you were after, I’m sorry!

Thanks for trying… I’ll just have to use the menu as is and just have the colour page background.

Is it just that the colour swatch for the container doesn’t actually work? i.e. is not set up in the tool… because changing the colour doesn’t affect it?

Anyway thank you for trying.

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I believe it is - and hopefully one for future consideration! Thank you for bringing it up for attention.