Course version name not updating properly

Hi, I’ve noticed a weird issue when duplicating course versions.

When I create the first course version (v0.0.2 for example) this name is correctly displayed at the top left of the editor to indicate which version I am editing. But, if I then duplicate this course version and rename it (to v0.0.3 for example), when I edit this version it displays as “v0.0.2 copy” both on the editor and, when I set this version as the default, on the course list.

If I then duplicate this version again, the new version becomes “v0.0.2 copy copy”.

I know this doesn’t effect the course in any way, but it’s difficult to keep track of which version is which and use proper version control! Has anyone got any ideas how to work round this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey! Our QA tried this with both methods and was unable to replicate - any chance you can do a quick screencast of it happening so he can try to replicate? Thanks!

Hi again! Message from our QA:

It appears that’s actually how it’s always behaved (looking at other older courses that have multiple versions) - in any case, you can go into course settings and just change the title to whatever you want (eg match the version title you added)

Hope that helps!

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