Content shared between courses

How can I make content work like the asset library (which only works for single assets). In the asset library all courses draw from one main library, reducing the need for multiple uploads of the same items. I want that for content, so that if I need to update a sentence, page, or other content, I simply edit it once and the change will then be automatically rolled out across every course that contains that content - in the same way it works for assets.

eg creating ‘content’ that is a group or set of work that is in pages or articles or blocks or modules or whatever you want to call them, then those groupings can be shared in the same way that assets are shared accross multiple courses.

Some authoring packages use LTI that live links the authoring tool with something like Moodle, so that the output in Moodle can be 5 courses, but in the authoring software system it is just a bunch of sets of modules of content.

Possible? If so who is the expert that can assist us?


I love this idea - it would propel Evolve above and beyond!