Confidence chart and sliders

I’ve used confidence sliders and linked confidence sliders at the start and end of a course for users to check how their knowledge/confidence has increased. I would also like to give them a visual representation and can create a confidence chart based on the questions at the start, but cannot create one using the linked confidence sliders at the end. Is this not possible or am I missing something?

Hi @Lesley22 presently it’s not possible to include a linked confidence slider on a confidence chart. I don’t have a definitive answer for why that is yet, but I have asked the team. I suspect it’s something to do with how that could be represented visually.

Hi Sam
I was thinking of using two confidence charts side by side, one attached to the original confidence slider and the other to the linked confidence slider (so that the user got a visual “before and after”), not both on the same chart.
Hope that makes sense!
Best wishes,

That’s a nice idea @Lesley22 , apologies that it’s not currently possible.