Tracking Slider component values

During two separate Evolve courses, I ask the learner to indicate their level of confidence using a “slider” - Pre-Confidence slider value from 1-10 in the first course and a Post-Confidence slider value from 1-10 in the second course. I believe this is further complicated because each slider is in a different course.

Is there a way I can track these values to determine improvement or decline?
Can Evolve do the “math” (e.g. Pre-Confidence = 5, Post-Confidence = 8 --> +3 value)? Can this score be tracked, stored and sent to the LMS?

Do you have any suggestions on how I could implement this strategy?

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this would be really cool if possible!

@barnetf we have raised a ticket for this to be considered as an enhancement in the future.

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@appitierre Thank you.