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is it possible to do collaborative authoring in evolve and do we need more then one account and more licenses for that?
We need to get our e-Learning done quickly, so we need more then one author. I can’t find anything about multiple authors working at the same course together at the same time…

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Welcome LXEvolve!

Absolutely positively - Evolve is quite probably the best tool for collaborative authoring out there!!

You will only need one Evolve Instance (ie then each author/editor needs a licence to have an account in that instance. You can pay monthly for licences (so you can stop/start them as needed) or save money by buying an annual licence which gives you 2 months free).

Once you’re in and set up, you can work on exactly the same course at the same time, right down to working into 2 components next to each other in the course - each item you work on is locked to you while you are editing it, but someone else can be editing another item simultaneously. You can also move stuff around on the fly, meaning that you can pretty much storyboard on the go, as well as make live edits and see the changes instantly.

What’s more - you can work on the theme independently of the course, meaning that you can make changes across every page and even multiple courses in one go, and can have someone focus on the theming while the other does the content.

Even better? You can have someone else entirely working on and adding Graphics (and a Graphic Designer role is free!) into the Asset library ready for you.

When it comes to Reviews - your reviewers (who can all be added for free) can be set up to see your course at any point, and even be reviewing it while you edit. They can leave comments as they go, and you can see those in real time too, meaning you can fix the issue as soon as they report it, and they can see that happen also in real time.

This means pretty much every stage of the eLearning journey can be done in parallel and this dramatically reduces the time per project.

I hope that helps but please feel free to ask anything else you need to know. You can see more about Evolve at the Hub - and grab your trial and account at Evolve Is The #1 Content Authoring Tool In The World | Intellum


thank you for that information.

How exactly does it work to get one instance of evolve for more then one author running and what about these licences?
We got a license, do we need to buy some editorlicenses for these “big evolve license” were working in? And can we get in one Evolve instance out of Evolve itself or do we need another feature for that?

Note: I guess we got the enterprise edition in our institution…

Thank you!

So an Admin in your organisation will need to go to their Evolve Account link, which can be found in their settings menu:


Once there, if they can change the number of licences manually then they can do that there and then, and then go into Users within Evolve to assign the new accounts to people using their email addresses.

If they cannot change the details themselves, because you are an Intellum Client pay by invoice, then you will need to speak to the Representative who handles your account at Intellum in order to have the number increased.

If you let us know the company or Evolve instance you use, we could see more about the current status?


this helps a lot i guess!

I’m part of the “Bundesverwaltungsamt” in Germany.

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Ok nevermind, i think we got it!
Thank you for all that help :slight_smile:

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