Can Evolve autoscroll the screen to actually show the content that is being revealed by Logic?

Hi everyone,

I’m using ‘Logic’ to reveal content immediately after a user completes a certain component/activity.

The problem is that the new content gets revealed BELOW the fold of the screen so users don’t see it. Because they don’t expect it, they don’t know to scroll down and see the content that has just been revealed below. So, they feel stuck without a clear next step, which is a UX I’m trying to avoid.

Ideally, Evolve would autoscroll downwards, nudging the user’s screen to show and frame the content that the logic has just revealed. If this isn’t native functionality, is there and extension/widget or place to add custom code that might solve this?

Otherwise, workarounds could be based on user guidance (rather than on system automation):

  • use text in the activity instructions to signal clearly to the user that they should scroll down AFTER they’ve completed ‘this activity’ (not ideal as it depends on users a) reading and b) remembering this)
  • could also add visual cues at the end of the activity, like an arrow pointing downwards, to guide users
  • use the ‘Scroll Progress’ bar extension to indicate there’s more scrolling to be done

  • use ‘Dialog popups’ triggered by Logic to catch attention and direct users

  • combination of the above

  • create a horizontally scrolling course

The most streamlined solution with least room for human error would still be system automation, if that’s possible.Does anyone know if this is possible to do in the settings or beyond?

Sure can!

In your trigger where you are revealing the hidden content, just add a second action after the reveal, and choose to “Navigate to” that content.

You may want to put a short delay in if the action is too sudden.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, Helen - so simple, so effective!

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