BUG Weird MCQ duplicate answers

Ive been working on a project for the last month or so, and Ive noticed a strange bug with MCQs and drag and drop components. The problem is that MCQ answers seem to randomly duplicate themselves, copying existing answers over an answer Ive added.

At first I thought I was just missing errors Id made myself, but then it happened right in front of me, when I edited an answer and then it changed into a duplicate answer as I was editing. Ive also seen this happen with drag and drop targets. It seems to be triggered by editing a page, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Yes I have had this too and it seems to happen when you duplicate an already existing answer (I do it to save time). So let’s say I have answers red, orange and yellow and then I duplicate yellow, when I change the new duplicate to green I end up with red, orange, green, green instead of red, orange, yellow, green.

I got round it by not duplicating answers as much as possible but adding new ones.

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Yeah, that makes sense, I did the same. Glad to hear its not just me. Its an extremely annoying bug. I think it would be better to disable the duplicate feature rather than risk this happening.

It usually happens to me when I edit components like MCQ or accordion fast; once I’ve finished, I review the items and see some of them have copied the text of other items instead of the correct ones.

What seemed to happen for me is that Id make the MCQ or drag and drop. Copy and answer or drop area, check it and everything would be fine, but when Id come back and edit the page or the component Id check again and notice the issue.

So its possible the problem starts with duplicated question and the problem is triggered when the page or component is edited.

I’ve had a similar problem when I was copying and pasting into multiple items in an accordian (if I remember rightly). I was doing it one after another as quickly as I could. It turned out I was doing it quicker than Evolve could save it. So I’d paste into Item 1 then click into Item 2 immediately. This would result in the text I wanted in Item 1 actually ending up in Item 2, but I wouldn’t realise that until I checked it all later.

There’s a small ‘saved’ flag on the interface top right. So you see when it’s done.