Branching - import and export

Hi all

I’ve been trying to work out how to get content in and out of my branching scenarios in Evolve.

The branching component is really nice, I love the way the editor lays out the items and allows you to colour code them.

Nevertheless, I prefer to plan out my scenarios in Twine ( first, before moving them to Evolve. Unfortunately, this is an extremely tedious process of copying and pasting back and forth.

I dream of a way to import branching scenarios into Evolve, as well as a way to export them again, e.g. for proof-reading. This may be a hopeless dream, because AFAIK there isn’t really a standard format for expressing branching scenarios. Twine uses a format called .twee but that doesn’t seem to be used anywhere else.

I’m interested to know people’s thoughts on this, and whether anyone has found any tricks for getting branching data in or out of Evolve.



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Hi @daveyboond , it’s an interesting idea. if I can think of anything that might be able to help, will let you know.

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