Audio in accordion component

Hi friends,
Does anyone know if it’s possible to add audio to an accordion component item? Currently, you can add image, GIF and video.
Any chance of this being added in a future release?
Many thanks,

Hi Ben,
We’ve faced that a couple of times, would any of the workarounds be any good?

  • Add video with the a waveform effect that responds to the sound - Premiere Pro has a default effect for this
  • Add video with a still image
  • Add video that is a couple of pixels high


Hi @Andy_Moorman,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I also thought of the 1px high video as a workaround, but the player interface interferes with the accordion text. I also tried setting up several single-item accordion components with a locked audio player in between each one. The idea being hitting the accordion button unlocked the player. But this was messy.

Hopefully our good friend @Matt_C will consider adding this in a future release.

Thanks again @Andy_Moorman for the suggestion!