Add sound to Simulation?

Hi all, just wondering if there is a way to add a sound component into a Simulation. If not, I think it would be a great feature request. Thanks!

Hi there, apologies, it isn’t currently possible to add sound to a Simulation.

I suppose that this is also true for Video then? Is there any workaround to adding a video into a Simulation?

There isn’t currently a way to add video to a simulation either I’m afraid.

What are the chances we can add that feature in the next 3-6 months? (I’m assuming near zero)

It is unlikely to be honest - may I ask what the use case is? Maybe there’s an alternative way of achieving what you want.

We have already built a very extensive simulation component that’s being used as a product certification. The experience is currently quite ‘static’, so we were looking to spruce up the certification with video prompts to some of the questions, instead of just text/image.

Thanks Craig - obviously you say you have already built the interaction, otherwise I would suggest the Interactive Video component for videos interspersed with questions. If audio or video inclusion in Simulation becomes part of our roadmap, I will post here.