Archiving a previous version of a course

For several reasons I have to keep old versions of courses; however, I want to be able to archive them so they’re not mistaken for the newer versions of courses. Support has told me that there’s no way within Evolve to archive a course. Can someone offer any ideas on how to do/how you’ve done this in Evolve, other than adding text to the title (like Course Name_Archive) or tags? Essentially I’m trying to “hide” them from the active courses.

Thanks in advance.

Hi sbaum,

SO there are two ways. One is to create a version of the course within the course itself. This stays within Evolve though and can be retrieved any time.

The other is to Publish the course to a file, so SCORM or HTML, and then save that zipfile somewhere on a drive or in the cloud. You can then remove the course entirely if you want to. You can then reimport this file when you want to reinstate the course. However should you leave it many years, and versions move on, you may find an issue that you cannot import from that version, just to be aware of.


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