Accordion hover/ selected Bug

Hello all,

I’ve noticed a bug with the “hover” and “selected” state on accordions. When you select an accordion item, it doesn’t change to the “selected” state, instead it remains in the “hover” state. It only changes to the “selected” state if you click another part of the page, after selecting the accordion item.

I don’t think that this is intended behaviour, but either way please could this be amended so that when you select an accordion item, it immediately changes to the “selected” state.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Apologies for that; it was part of a fix to ensure interactive elements like this show their ‘hover’ state when they have keyboard focus - but I failed to spot that the way I’d set it up in the Accordion component meant it would also show the hover state when it had ‘mouse focus’ as well.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll get it fixed.

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@JamesLD this should be fixed now.


Awesome, thank you Matt :slight_smile: