Accordion check icon

Would it be possible to add an aria label for the optional accordion check/tick icon?
It would be useful to signify which items have been visited for screenreader users.

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@Ruppers With the screen reader my organization uses (NVDA), you do get ‘item collapsed’ and ‘item expanded’ for each accordion item, so there’s a bit of an audio clue. You could also use the interaction label, which should pick up on completion, but no aria label for that piece, either, I guess.

Hi Martin, yes I agree those work well to describe the current status of expanded or not. However, neither of those describe which items in the list have already been visited - only whether they are currently expanded or not. In the case of the interaction label, this indicates whether the component as a whole is completed but doesn’t identify which specific item the user may have missed either.

I guess the issue I’m getting at is that at the moment we are able to indicate which items have been visited for sighted users only (with a colour-based visited state or the check icon). An aria label on the existing tick could provide an equivalent for those that cannot distinguish shape and colour.

I suppose we can set the accordion items to remain expanded, but that’s not quite the same thing.


+1 to your request and the reasoning behind it. Thanks for posting!

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