Updating assets

Hi everyone, I’m trying to change accordion arrows to the following visual. I was able to modify the color in the Themes color palette, but can’t seem to change the shape from a square to a circle and add the pulsating effect on hover only.

Normal state:

Hover (has a pulsating effect)

I’m assuming you mean the accordion component @Margharita (image below)? If so I think those plus and minus indicators are icons. I’m happy to be corrected on this but I don’t think these particular icons can be chosen from within the Evolve editor in the theme or component properties.

You might be able to change them by uploading your own icon pack, replacing the plus and minus icons in the default set for the ones you want to use and then re-uploading (Create and Upload an Icon Set in Evolve : Intellum). However, keep in mind this is likely to change all other uses of plus and minus icons in your course so it might impact things you don’t want it to. In addition, the pulsating animation you can activate on other components like the hotgraphic is separate to the icon and not something that’s available for accordions.

Thank you @Ruppers! This is also helpful. I meant to ask about icons in the flowchart interaction. I’ve also seen similar icons used as transitions to next pages.

Ah OK, in that case we were talking about different components.

circular button
It is possible to make the flowchart button circular rather than rectangular, but to do it you will need to change the button styling in the theme/article styles. This change will affect all other buttons as well so if you want to avoid that, you’ll want to set up a new article style for the article containing your flowchart.

Then, it’s just a case of editing the article style. Go to your new article style > button > appearance > then set the button border radius to something like 50px. This will round off the two sides.

Next, go to button margin and set the left and right button margin to the same as the top and bottom. This will make the button circular.

Pulse animation
You can choose to turn the animation on or off but when switched on, it pulses until you click on it which means it will pulse when you’re not hovering over it as well as when you do hover over it. There’s no way to change it to only pulse on its hover state in the editor however, you could set the default button background colour to transparent in its default state (so you don’t see the ‘pulse’) and then set a solid colour for the button hover state. This will give the effect that it’s only pulsing when you hover over it.