Accessibility and font sizes: px vs em vs rem


We recently received some Accessibility feedback regarding the way Evolve specifies its font sizes, and I wanted to pass it along as a feature request.

All font sizes are specified in px in Evolve and that’s the only unit available. This seems fine when increasing and decreasing the level of zoom in the browser as the fonts resize too. However, it’s likely that a user with vision impairment would change their default font size in the browser settings. If they do that, it has no effect on a page with font sizes specified in px.

I’m told that if the font sizes (not padding, margin etc.) were specified using a different unit like rem, this wouldn’t be an issue. This article explains more:

Would it be possible to give Evolve authors the option to specify font sizes using rem or px?


That’s an interesting point Ruppers, thank you. I will raise this with our devs for discussion.