360 videos and images

@appitierre @hbailey Can anyone help me learn how to upload a 360 video/photo without making it look like a fish-eye and actually allow the camera/scene to move around in 360?

Hello and welcome @Mrjo,

For this you should host the 360 picture/video somewhere where it works as expected and then use the iFrame component to embed the item.


Will the host matter as well to play a 360 video on iPhone without making it look like a fisheye? Since works properly with other browsers and even Andriod, but not on iPhone.

Hi Mrjo,

Does the 360 video look like a fisheye when using Chrome and Safari on the iPhone? And is it only a problem with viewed within an iFrame in Evolve? I think the issue may lie with how they’ve been created. Have you created these from scratch or using a tool?



Oh, maybe that could the reason because my 360 videos work pretty on desktops, tablets and android phones through the iFrame component, except iPhones even when using Safari. Thank you so much @hbailey @BarryBPS