100% screen width for parallax floating hero image?


I’ve got parallax scrolling turned on and I’m trying to add a hero image to the top of a page that goes 100% across the width of the browser - is this possible?

The closest I’ve been able to do is add a large floating image on top of a hero image, and offset the Top and Left by -30% to make it appear like it’s coming from the left edge of the screen, but the image seems to cut off and doesn’t stretch across the whole page (despite me uploading an image size that should comfortably fill it)

Any ideas how it might be possible? Or what I’m missing? :slight_smile:


Hello @paul.ohara - you can achieve this using theming.

You need to make sure that max-width isn’t set on the Hero Image.

Navigate to your course’s theme > Hero Image > Layout and clear the max-width on the Hero image.

You will also likely need to remove max-width from under the Page menu as well.

If you want to remove this constraint, you can, under Page in the theme just remove the Page max-width.

I hope this helps.

Brill - thanks! Think I’m starting to get my head around it :wink:

No problem @paul.ohara

Have you visited https://learnevolve.com ?

Feel free to start new topics if you have any other questions.

Great will do, thanks Matt :slight_smile: