Parallax scrolling

Hey. I see that we add parallax effect when scrolling off the Hero image. I it possible to add the effect to other background images (e.g., article background)? I’ve seen it done in other Adapt versions - just don’t know if it was the open source or not. Know for sure that Learning Pool has it enabled.
I’m not a huge fan but my client is. So I guess I am. :slight_smile:

Hello @Steve Evolve has animation on most areas but in the case of Hero Images this is the only place that we use parallax images.

If you use Graphic components you can slide, fade and scale these images onto your page using the animation settings for components.

Evolve itself is no longer part of the Adapt eco-system - we’re now on a completely new codebase.

Here are a couple of animation related resources:

I hope these help.

Thank you.

Thanks for the update. Great to know about the Adapt update.

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