Track answers and combine them all into a PDF

Hi, I am looking to create a course that will guide the learner through a process by using a set of questions, essentially a checklist. Some items will be select all that apply, some will be radio button options and a lot of input fields for their own answers. This is not a knowledge check, it’s interactive guide where at the end they can save their own answers ideally in a PDF format.

I am also envisioning that at the end of every page, they will be able to save their options and answers in a PDF, and at the end of the course aggregate all the PDFs.

Since we use Intellum as our LMS, we don’t use multiple pages and export single pages as an activity in Intellum. If we use individual pages in Evolve, will it work to connect and aggregate responses from these individual pages?

Is any of this possible with Evolve? Has anyone done something similar to this and can share an example if possible (I am a visual person).

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Lily, I don’t think there’s currently a way to do exactly what you are asking - however, the Reflection extension allows users to save their responses to open input questions into a pdf. This is done on a per course basis though, so if you are uploading individual one page courses it wouldn’t be able to amalgamate them into one pdf, it would be per course.

Thanks Sam for taking the time to help me out. I did look at the Reflection extension and tested it but since it’s just for input fields, and I would like to capture answers including input fields, it’s not the solution for my case. So if I’m understanding correctly even with variables and triggers, what I am trying to do is currently not possible. Thanks, Lily

Hi Lily,

If you used all components which can work with variables only, and captured the answers in variables, you could technically create a final Page or Article in the course into which you post the variables inside text components and then format them to look like a cool report - then people could just save the page as a PDF?

Does this help at all?

Thanks Helen, helps a lot! I did think of that and because it’s a lot of manual work I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing a different solution.

I tried that route and got stuck at using Checkbox Group component. The variables saved are only boolean, so I get true/false as answers :frowning: Wondering why can’t those values be displayed as strings like with the Radio Group component. Am I missing something? If I can get the checkboxes to be captured like with the radio group, I could work with that.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 2.18.38 PM

Thanks, Lily

Hi Lily,

An iFrame to bring in another service might do it. Although not exactly matched to what you describe, here’s an example. It sends you an email with your notes.

It uses Jotform in an iFrame component. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to build in Storyline (sorry, Evolve team :grinning:)


Thanks Andy for sharing a few of these external solutions and for the link! Will look into it. I really want to create this guided checklist but only if it’s user friendly and most importantly useful to the learner. Otherwise I can always default back to creating a static workbook, which I would rather not. Thanks again, Lily