Table width - force to be 100%

Hi all,

I don’t think this is possible, but does anyone know of a trick to make tables span 100% width of the screen? In most cases, this seems automatic, but for some tables, the width is only as wide as the text in the columns.

I have used a Flowchart component and added 1 table row in each item so you can see the table building up when you click the Next/Arrow button.

But randomly, not all table rows span the width of the screens, especially on an iPhone.

Thanks in advance.


Hmmm I don’t think there would be in your use case (I was going to suggest the Table component but they don’t go into flowcharts!)

That said - my quick test seems to have flowchart tables looking all 100%. Do you have a custom theme or article styles on the area?

Thanks Helen.

That’s the odd thing. They automatically stretch 100% width for desktop, but randomly do not on an iPhone.

I’ve just realised I said ‘not all table rows span the width of the screens’, but I should have been clearer, as this issue is on an iPhone.


Darn I don’t have an iPhone. It’s safari browser though I guess?

I’ll see if I can get someone with an iPhone to test it.


I’ve suggested to my client that we simply add all the rows to a single table, but they like the rest of the interaction.

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Hi Barry - can you message me a link to the course?