Survey Component Dialog Box

I am using the survey component and I am looking for a way to either remove the dialog box after every question, or create 1 survey component with multiple questions in it. The dialog box after every single question is repetitive and annoying.
The questions are all Ratings. Is there any way to do either of these?

Hey Samantha,

Is this intended as a Reflection for the learner or are you looking to Extract the responses?

Reflection for the learner
If it’s intended as a reflection, you could use the Confidence Slider component. This has the dialog box disabled by default.

You can change the scale so learners can only rate 1-5, and set the minimum and maximum labels to ‘Completely Disagree’ and ‘Completely Agree’.

Extract the responses
If you’re looking to extract the responses, I’d suggest reading the link below. The Storage extension used to extract responses from the Survey component will be removed as part of the switch to the new UI (28th of June).

Hope this helps!

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