Spelling Best Practices

Hi – surprised that a search for ‘spell’ came up empty. What are some of the best practices to help with spelling in your course content? Has there been any discussion about a feature request?


You could install the Grammarly extension which does a fantastic job, it’s what I use when making courses.

Thanks, Helen… not sure that will work with my company’s extension management, but I can give it a shot. Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone suggest this as a potential baked in feature?

Your browser should have a built-in spellchecker…
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 10.24.22

Matt - It does, but settings and extensions are managed by my company, which is why I was looking for something built into the application. And would the browser-based checks find errors in reviewer comments as well, or just in the editor? Thx.

Odd that they wouldn’t enable something as innocuous as a spell-checker!

From what I recall most browsers’ spell checkers are only enabled for editable text boxes.

This may be supported, but the browser based tools are passive – you need to hunt for the red squiggly lines throughout your content. Great for documents, but less so for authoring. Hope that Intellum considers this for a feature request. Thanks for the feedback.