Rogue padding on Links Button

Hi Evolve Community!

I have a padding related question:

I am using a Links component to a create a button which takes you to the next page. however it has a mystery 10 px of padding which is pushing it off the edege of the content. I’ve attached a screenshot to show the issue using the inspector tool. Red lines showing the spacing.

I can’t work out where the padding is coming from as all the left padding on buttons has been removed. From the webinspector it looks like it is padding on a container which holds the button but i can’t work out where this can be adjusted!

Apologies if this is very obvious.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hello and Welcome Nath!

Have you checked in the theme setting for margin in Buttons in general?

if not, do you have an article style applied to the article the button is in?

Hi hmaffin,

Thanks for your reply, yes I thought that would be where to change it however I’ve set the margin to 0 on the left and the component has no padding either. Puzzled!

Hey nath!

Do you want to send me by private message the link to your course in the editor and I can take a look?

It is sometimes hard to diagnose without seeing it in context :slight_smile:

Hi Helen,

Yes that would be great, though i’m not sure how i go about that? I’ve clicked on your avatar, but cant see the mail icon?

Weird - I see a message button when I click on yours.

Not to worry - email me on

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Thanks I’ve emailed you :smiley:

Incase anyone else is looking for a solution Hmaffin mentioned a this is a standard setting when Evolve puts items in a grid layout.

A work around is to go to the Button settings, to Layout and then set the left margin to -10, which for me has fixed this :slight_smile:



Just to add that this may be a reaction to when you use a component that has a grid based layout, and we’re going to take a look into whether this can be solved within the tool itself so a fix isn’t necessary.

Thanks nath!

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