Radio Group - Assigning to a Number Variable

I created a number variable, which I would like to use with a Radio Group component. I would like the radio answers to add 1 or 0 to my number variable. Unfortunately, the only variable I can select from the Variable drop-down is a string variable. Any ideas as to why I am unable to use my number variable?

I am attempting to create a self-assessment that, once completed, presents the learner with a final score and offers feedback based on that score. If anyone has built something similar, please let me know which components you used.

Thank you for any suggestions.

I’ve built something similar to what you describe using the slider input component. The user slides on scale rating like the below and submits:

1 = very false for me
2 = somewhat false for me
3 = somewhat true for me
4 = very true for me

That then writes the number to a number variable which then totals up to provide feedback using a bunch of logic. The bottom line is only certain variable components can write to number, boolean, or string, and radio will not write a number.

Take a look toward the bottom of topic 1 in this course: