Open input formatting

Hello, I’m sure there’s an easy answer to this but I’m struggling to find where you can change formatting of the open input text (size, colour, font) as well as the outline and shadow around the open input box. Could anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks so much! Jo

Not surprised you’re struggling, this one is a bit confusing - not to mention lacking configuration options.

The input field font setting is inherited from Theme > Course > Body Text Appearance > Font Family & Font Size

The font color is, unfortunately, hard-coded to #454545 (and the background color can’t be changed from white).

The border color is defined by Component Item > Appearance > Component Item Background Colors > Color. In the same section you can also set the Component Item Border Radius to set rounded corners on the border.

Unfortunately there is no option to set a shadow for it.


@Matt_Leathes Wondering if maybe a future enhancement could just make the input field (and others like it) able to support rich text. Still limited from an authoring standpoint, but if a learner could change font size, use bold and italic, etc… this may be a good alternative. Not sure what @josquires was looking for specifically as an author, but I’ve often wondered why certain text fields support this and others do not.

I’m not aware of this being supported by any of the text fields in the course itself… only in the Editor

@Matt_Leathes Sorry – I was combining a couple of things… this is what I meant, the editor. Some of the fields allow for rich text; others do not. But on the previous comment, it would still be a great feature – letting learners format the text they’re inputting. These fields are typically saved or played back to the user and don’t impact the look and feel of the rest of the course.

Thanks so much! This is very helpful!