Change component (?) background color and border radius


I’m one day in this wonderful tool, and I’m trying to change the background of what I believe to be a component :

In the editor, article style is set to content.
I’m trying to have something like this : 1 - Le contexte digital - 1.1 - L'évolution des consommateurs — Mozilla Fir 2023-02-12 at 8.12.27

Can someone please point in the right direction, and how and where I should set background color and border radius ?


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Hi there, those are both set in Theme > Component > Appearance:


I did play with this, but if I’m not mistaken, I wasn’t able to see changes when my article style was set on “article 2”.

I did manage to see changes when I reverted back to “no article style”.

Everything’s good now.

Thanks again

Hi, the reason for this is article styles allow you to set these same settings, but solely for that particular article style. So if you go to Theme > Article Styles and select a particular Article Style, you will see all the same settings can be set. So - if no article style is applied, the top level Theme styles will be applied. If an Article Style has been applied, the settings specific to that Article Style are applied.