Multiple answers for Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

I’m attempting to use MCQs for a survey question where the user can checkbox whichever answers they like. Unfortunately, it looks like the MCQ function forces you to make an answer correct and when you do this for all of them, if they don’t click certain ones, they are told they are incorrect. Does anyone know how to set up an MCQ so that they can pick specific answers.

Hey, try setting the value of ‘Selectable Items’ on the Behaviour tab for the MCQ to the number of correct answers. I think that will do what you need.

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Thanks, @Niall_Sheridan ! I set that for the same number as the total they could select, however it seems to say that the user answered incorrectly if they didn’t click on all of the available correct answers.

Ah ok I see what you mean. There is no specific number of correct answers in your case as it’s a survey. Sorry I’m not sure how you can handle that. Maybe the survey component gives more flexibility.

On my courses I have a link out to a google survey to collect feedback.

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Yes, I’d second Niall_Sheridan’s suggestion for using the survey component. I think that’s what you need as you can create options similar to MCQ.

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