Link to pages with text links inside components (i.e media carousel)

Hello all

I’m wondering if it is possible to link to internal pages with text links inside components?
(I’m trying to use the media carousel with images, text and text link)

I suspect there isn’t as the URL will change once moved from the staging area to the LMS but just thought I’d check :slight_smile:


Hi Nath, that’s not possible unfortunately. The closest you could get is set up a logic trigger to navigate somewhere once the component as a whole was completed, but thats it. The links component is the only way you can really use links to navigate to different places within the course.

Thanks @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA

Thought that might be the case :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!


Hi Nath, apologies, I was misinformed, there is a way to make an internal link - but only to another page, you cant drill down to a specific component.

If you launch live preview and navigate to the page you want to link, you need to copy the end part of the URL - everything from the hash symbol after - an example would be: #/page/62cebd3526ef6a0b34af2f6c - that includes the page ID URL. You can then add that as a link in a text field, and it should work. I would test in an LMS environment or wherever your course will ultimately be hosted to check it works as expected.

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Thanks Sam, I’ll try it out! :smiley: