How do i create a drop down quiz?

Hi all,
I’m trying to work out how to create a question type with drop down options and build in feedback - like the ‘pick the fit’ questions on this Myer page:


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Hey Alex - welcome!

For this - use the Select component - perfect for drop downs :slight_smile:

Component guide:

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Hi Alex.

Yes you can use the select component with a variable and logic to do this.

Create a custom dialog in Course settings with feedback text.

Use the select component and tell it to set a variable value on submit.

Go to the logic settings and set a trigger to act when that variable has changed, check the result and display the dialog.

Or. Probably much simpler would be to use the Matching question component.

Set it up with one item and all your Matching options underneath that.

Did a quick test and both ways seem to work, but I’d probably use Matching for this.

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