Enhancements to the Media Component

Hi, here are a few enhancements my clients have asked for on Media components:

  • User control for playback speed x0.75, x0.5, x1.5, x2.0
  • Force captions on by default but allow the user to turn them off
  • More than one language subtitles

Hi @Andy_Moorman , one of those is already in place, in Course Settings - you can set subtitles to be on by default in all video with this setting (which the learner can then turn off):



Thanks, @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA for the pointer on bullet 2. I didn’t know that was there. What do you reckon on the playback speed - is that likely?

@Andy_Moorman I will talk to the team and see what they say, it has come up in conversation before.