Demofest - would you like to submit your project? Act fast!

Learning Solutions Digital 2021 is holding a “Demofest” where people can submit a project of their choice to be presented at the conference, and then the opportunity to answer questions about how it was made and why you chose the tool and approach you did.

Would anyone be prepared to submit one of their Evolve courses?

The deadline to put in your application is soon - 2nd April, but you have until 9th April to submit your demo video (just 4-6 minutes long!).

Further information available at DemoFest | Learning Solutions 2021

Do let us know if you go for it and if we can support you in any way!

Hey Helen,

Thanks for flagging this. I’ll ping it over to a couple of my clients to see if they want to get involved. It’ll be my Evolve builds but their content.


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Thanks Andy! Would be great to have Evolve represented and I know there are some very talented developers out there! I’m sure it will be very beneficial for everyone involved.

Tomorrow is the last day to apply, but you don’t have to have your short demo ready for another week.

Please pass this on to anyone who you know who works with Evolve who would be excited to demo their work!

Hello @hbailey. Thank you for flagging this opportunity for us!
I pitched a project and it was accepted. I am going to be presenting one of our projects built with Evolve, specifically - Incident Reporting eLearning Course. FYI.

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Agnieszka that’s brilliant! I’m thrilled for you.

I shall be attending the Demofest and really look forward to seeing your work there.


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