Course Focus Outline Color - Keyboard navigation only


Does anyone know of a CSS trick that I can apply so that the Course Focus Outline Color is only visible for keyboard users only?

If I can work it out I will come back here and share it.

It should be possible but as it stands I cannot work it out, yet.

I’d also like to make the outline dashed (if I can get it to work for keyboard only) to match the client’s website.

I know how to change the CSS for this already but it would be great if this was an option in Evolve already.

@BarryBPS all you need to do is wait for the next Evolve release and it should just magically change to that behaviour!

(Although do note that browsers still force a focus outline onto text input/area fields - presumably on the reasonable assumption that you will be interacting with those using the keyboard even if you used the mouse to get to them)

So far all the QA for the release is going very well - so barring any last minute disasters I would expect that to go out early afternoon on Tuesday the 24th.

I’ll have a look at what it would take to add a dashed (and dotted) option for the focus outline. That won’t be in the release next week though.


This is music to my ears Matt!

Thank you for the quick response.

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