Content locking - Blur locked appearance

When I set content locking appearance to blur, the block will briefly show as blurred then a flat colour overlay appears. I’m sure I have a setting getting in the way somewhere, just not sure what (or I am misunderstanding the function)

Image attached is of a locked block with the “blur” appearance.

That’ll be Theme > Article Locking > Default Locking Appearance > Article Locking Lock Strip Background Color (or the same setting under Article Styles) - but it should only get shown if you have ‘Locked Appearance’ set to ‘Default’.

Hi Matt
The screenshot is of the article with the lock appearance set to “blur”.
I know how to style the locked appearance in the theme. My question is, why is it that when I set it to blur I still get the overlay colour etc?

I’m not sure why, whenever I change Locked Appearance to anything other than ‘default’ that overlay colour disappears.

And looking at the underlying CSS it has a rule in place that sets the background-color to ‘transparent’ whenever ‘blur’ or ‘fade’ are set:

If you want to DM me a link to the course in your Evolve instance I can take a look for you?