Changing the item title font size in the flow chart component

Hi all

I am trying to figure out how to change the title font size in the Flowchart component. I know that the component is edited under the list element of the theme, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to change the size of the item title.

Doe anyone know the answer? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance


It doesn’t look like you can in the theme as both the FlowChart Item title and body text seem to use List Element Text Styles

But you can override that on each Flow Chart Item:


Hi Matt, this is a fairly recent issue as the font size of the Flowchart title used to be the same as the body text.

I have not used Evolve for a while but I was asked by a collegue to take a look at Flowchart titles that were too large.

I guess the difference occurred after the titles were set at Headers rather that Paragraph text. Thank you for implemetning that change.

I was so busy looking in the theme to try and fix it that I did not spot that you could change it in each flowchart.

If we could one day use an Article Style for Flowcharts that would be great.

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Thanks Matt. I really should have noticed that :frowning:

That’s still the same, FlowChart Item title and body text use the same theme font size setting: List Element Text Styles

You’re absolutely right that FlowChart Item titles are now headings but this doesn’t have any impact on the styling.

I didn’t actually realise that List Element Text Styles weren’t available in Article Styles. That does seem like a bit of an oversight!