Change variables using Javascript

Hi everyone,

First off, I’d just like to say how impressed we are with Evolve. The level of customisation and options are great and we are going to integrate it as part of our authoring tools options, and have already recommended it to clients.

Anyways, I have a simple bespoke interaction in an iframe, and what I require is the ability to change a variable in evolve after clicking a button inside the iframe. Basically javascript communication with the parent window.

In authoring tools such as Storyline, it is very simple to use getPlayer() and SetVar and GetVar.

I see it as kind of essential if a client wants something not currently available out of the box, and we rarely say something isn’t possible.

So it would be fantastic if it is possible.

Many thanks,


It’s not something that’s available at this time - but I it’s a good idea and when combined with the what’s available via the Evolve Logic functionality, it could be very powerful indeed.

I’ll add this to our list of potential enhancements.


Thanks very much for the reply and adding it to the list of enhancements.

The current need is simple, combining it with the trigger to show component when variable changes, but as you say, it would unlock many many opportunities we can then offer to our clients.

Many thanks,


Hello again!

Just wondering if this has also been implemented as part of the new Evolve 10? No worries if not, you did mention adding it to the potential enhancements.

If it does get implemented, would it be here that I would find out if has been sorted?

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Hey there,

Sadly not - researching, planning, developing, adding, testing, testing and more testing of this sort of functionality takes some time, to be sure it works as it should and doesn’t break anything else!

If added, the news about this would be in the Release Notes that pop-up when the updates drop, and usually an accompanying page such as that we have provided for Evolve 10, will be available with further details.

Don’t lose hope though! If @Matt_Leathes likes it then it’s got a good chance :slight_smile: