Change text spacing?

Is there a setting for changing text spacing? By this I mean, if I have a paragraph of text, is there a way I can increase the vertical space between the lines of the paragraph.

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Yes! Go to your Appearance settings and edit your current theme.

Then go to Components in the left menu, then scroll down to Body Text Appearance and change the Line Height setting.

If that doesn’t work immediately in your live preview, you might need to do it in specific component types rather than just in components,

Thanks very much, I will give this a try!

It might also be Component Item settings, right down at the bottom there is “Component Item Content Body Text Styles” too.

Unfortunately I’ve found it’s a bit of experimenting and also depends on where you have put text. In the article, block, component, component item etc etc. You will probably want to set them all the same but you can vary them. It’s very configurable but can be frustrating to find the right place to change something :slight_smile:

Hi there,
Unfortunately the line height setting changes the spacing between all the lines inside a paragraph.
Is there any way to add spacing between paragraphs?

I usually just do two line spaces if I want to increase that - or use multiples blocks with text for each paragraph? - not sure there’s a css way to do that…

In CSS you’d normally add a margin-bottom to the


Like in Word, when you add spacing to a paragraph.

It’s not good practice to add extra carriage returns, as the design should be separate to the content.

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OK - is it this then?

Not quite - that adds space around the whole text, not individual paragraphs.

Currently the only way to add that spacing is to enter two carriage returns after every paragraph. That way of formatting hasn’t been necessary since we moved from typewriters to computers…

Hi Mark -

Did you ever get this to work? I’m trying to add paragraph space too, without the need to add a carriage return… just wondered if you found a solution.


Hi all,

I would also like to see ‘margin-bottom’ added to paragraphs.

Adding an additional line at the bottom of each paragraph means there is a P tag with nothing in it, and screen readers read this out as BLANK. While I haven’t had anyone complain about this, I could imagine it’s rather off-putting to hear the word BLANK between every sentence.

Many thanks,