Change text spacing?

Hi all,

Adding my voice to this. We have also encountered the problem Barry describes with screen readers (NVDA for sure, perhaps others) reading out “BLANK” for every formatting linebreak.

Even if this is specific to NVDA, it’s still not very good a11y practice to use content for formatting purposes.

I’d love to know if this is on a backlog somewhere and is going to be looked into.

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Another vote in the box for paragraph spacing. It’s standard in Word and easy in CSS. Given the huge number of settings in the Evolve styling system, I’m amazed paragraph spacing isn’t already there.
I’m currently adding in additional line breaks, but this shouldn’t really be necessary.

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Another vote from this citizen! We get feedback from users that spacing between paragraphs and spacing between ordered/unordered lists is not professional in appearance. And yes, we get tickets about “Blank” being read at empty paragraphs …

As a former Word instructor/disciplinarian at law firms I shudder at blank paragraphs. :^D

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Like others here, my workaround for this has been to add a style sheet to folder after publishing, and link to it in the ‘index.html’ file. This added style sheet adds the paragraph spacing.

It’s easy enough, but it adds soooo much time to my work flow on each project and means no one else on my team can easily make updates. It really would be great if Evolve could solve this issue. For me, it’s my number one dislike with Evolve. Everything else is great.

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