Aria label on the lock icon on swipe menus?

Can you add an aria label to the locked icon on menus? I cant find a way to do this in the theme or course. Appreciate any support! Thanks


Hi @Rosie unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to add an aria to that icon. I will talk to the devs and see if that’s something we think we can add (but that probably wont provide a solution for you imminently).

Instead of locking the page, could you maybe use logic, hide the page instead, and make it available once whichever criteria you need are met?


Great suggestion, although having the lock lets the user and screenreader know that there’s other content on the page that can’t be accessed. Not sure if that’s a consideration.


Hey Rosie,

While the locked button/link doesn’t have an aria label it’s worth noting that it does have an ‘aria-disabled’ property to signal to screenreaders that it’s currently unavailable.

This isn’t much help if you wanted to provide a more specific instruction but may be sufficient to satisfy accessibility criteria.

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Hi Sam,

All great suggestions here - although there is a requirement for all pages to be seen on the menu at the moment. Do you think the dev team would be able to provide an indication of timelines for this if this is something they think is possible? Thank you.

This is good to know and yes, this is a great property to have. To meet the standards, however, there needs to be an aria label too. Thanks for checking this though!

Hi @Rosie It’s not possible for me to advise on a specific timeline unfortunately, but I will keep you posted on progress related to this.

Hi @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA!

Are there any updates on this aria label request on lock icons?

Let me know if you’ve heard :slight_smile:

Hi @Rosie , apologies for not updating you sooner! This functionality is in place now - when the content locking extension is enabled, the locked page/article etc now have an aria field for the lock icon:

Also - we hope to have a big update regarding accessibility soon!

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Nice thanks for the update @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA - good news!

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