Where can I get themes?

Are there any free or paid-for Evolve themes available out there?

I am creating some example work for my portfolio. I do tons of development in Evolve, but I always use the client’s existing theme, so I’ve never created a theme of my own. I need the theme to show my work in its best light - I won’t present the theme itself as my own work.

If there aren’t any existing themes, does anyone know of any good tutorials?

Thank you!

Theming is one area I’d really love to expand our repertoire in, and we’re looking into providing a better library of them this year within Evolve.

You can download any of the available courses in the Evolve Hub example or webinars and use the theme that comes with that for free.

It really depends what kind of theme you want - some of the community may have some to offer, which i fully encourage (if you do, please make yourself known and I will publicise you on the Hub!), or may be able to work with you to make one?

Hi Helen. Thank you for your reply.

Ideally I would like something clean and modern with a website look. I don’t need anything too dazzling! If anyone has anything to share I would be very grateful!

I imagine if Evolve paid for 20+ theme designs that would bring huge amounts of value to users. Potentially you could start somekind of marketplace or sharing of themes. I’d love to see that. Just like for Wordpress WordPress Themes | WordPress.org

That is a cracking idea. I’ll get right on it :slight_smile: