Themes question

I am trying to create a theme very similar to the following example from the Evolve Hub ( ). For some reason I cannot seem to get my image to go all the way to the far edge of the page like the third article of this example. Can anyone help me figure the setting to make that happen.

Main things to check would probably be:

  1. Remove padding and margins on left/right inside the Article, Block and Component layout settings
  2. Removing padding and margins on “Article Content layout” at the very bottom of Article settings
  3. Removing “minimum width” inside Article, Article Content Layout, Component, Block settings.

You will probably just have to leave some padding/margins somewhere on the left hand side for the text. Note you probably want to leave margins set to “auto” rather than at 0 or empty because sometimes it causes strange alignment of the content when no minimum width is set.

The minimum widths are usually what I forget about when i try to make full-width :slight_smile:

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